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The New Zealand government’s steady commitment to ushering in a digital era coupled with the citizens’ embrace of innovation with open arms has positioned the country’s Marketing industry as a melting hotpot of opportunities for marketers. Furthermore, New Zealand’s Marketing industry has served as an immensely rich landscape for both local and international businesses to thrive due to its internet penetration rate of 93%. This is largely the result of the government’s commitment to digitalisation as well as the country’s dominance of Google and wide use of social media.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots has increased in popularity as businesses are looking to provide other businesses with 24/7 customer engagement and support. Moreover, with smartphones becoming an important tool for Kiwis, mobile marketing as well as social media marketing are on the rise in New Zealand. This similarly increased the need for video marketing, as 94% of Kiwis are consuming video content, while 92% of the audiences are engaging in video-sharing.

The Marketing industry in New Zealand is steadily growing. Therefore, businesses need to have a team of competent and talented marketers to help them soar to greater heights, whilst keeping up with the ever-changing marketing landscape.

We have an eye for identifying competent marketers

As the premier outsourced recruitment agency in New Zealand, Salt deduced that a strong team of skilled marketers is a necessity for businesses to grow. That is why our Marketing recruitment specialists based in Auckland stay attuned to the needs and demands of the industry and the market as well as the latest marketing trends, as it facilitates them to identify potential candidates.

With our unique approach coupled with our extensive experience in recruitment, we assure our clients that their next marketing genius will grace their organisation without taking too much of their time and resources. By identifying the essential skills or experience that the candidate must possess from the get-go, our specialists will draw on our network of local and global connections to identify the ideal candidate that will complement your existing Marketing team.

Bringing the gap between marketers and businesses

With marketing playing a key role in business growth, we understand the importance of hiring the right talent for the job. As such, our clients can rest easy knowing that Salt is capable of identifying their next marketers, who are experienced in:

  • Marketing Directors 
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Programmatic Specialist
  • Biddable Media/PPC
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Community Manager
  • CRM & Email Marketing
  • CRM Analyst
  • CRM Manager
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Loyalty Analyst
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Insights Manager
  • Content Creation
  • Content Manager
  • Programmatic Trader
  • Adobe Campaign Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Client Planning Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • E-Commerce Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • PR & Communications
  • PR — Account Servicing
  • SEO/Search Engine Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Growth Hacker
  • Growth Marketer
  • Brand Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Affiliate Manager

A comprehensive marketing plan is important, just as the team behind it is. So, let Salt help you find your next marketing whizz.

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