5 things successful people do

5 things successful people do

Which you should consider if you want the next promotion.

In today’s uncertain economy, asking for a promotion ranks up as one of the most stressful experiences in your life as you’re putting yourself at risk and being vulnerable. It’s a nerve-racking ordeal as you need to prove to your boss that you’re ready and able to take on additional responsibilities.

Although, it can be terrifying, knowing how to ask for a promotion can actually increase your chances of success — it’s one life skill all of us need.

It’s important to remember that in order to get a promotion, you need to stop thinking of it as something you ‘get’ and start thinking of it as something you earn.

Read on for our tips on increasing your odds of getting promoted!

Show Your Value

Everyone wants a promotion, however few of us really think about what the company wants from us. The way to get what you want is to show your value, and advancing your skills is a great a way to go. The more skilled you are, the better results you can offer your company and it’s a step to proving you’re ready for the added responsibilities. Working on a variety of projects will not only help you gain new skills along the way, but also opportunities for you to cultivate and nurture your potential growth.

Be a Team Player

Bosses love team players as they are committed to helping the team as a whole which ultimately benefits the company. Since most projects are accomplished either through departmental teams or cross-functional teams, it’s very important to share successes and failures as a team. Demonstrate your ability to be a team player by volunteering for a task or pitching in to help without being asked. By being a team player, you help build up your reputation and increase your value to the company.

Act Like a Leader

Just because you aren’t in a managerial role, it doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your leadership capabilities. After all, the first step in being a leader is to act, think and communicate as a leader. The key is demonstrating your ability to lead by building trust within the team, displaying confidence, motivating others to do their best, being an excellent communicator, and cultivating relationships with the management team. Don’t be afraid to take charge and seize opportunities to show your leadership potential no matter how small the task may be.

Be the go-to Person

In addition to constantly performing at a high-level, what can you do to make yourself a fundamental member of your team? One way to do so is to become the go-to person for solutions. For example, look out for ways to improve your daily processes and present solutions for any troubled areas. Revive new ways of thinking and offer ingenious solutions for existing problems. You will soon find yourself being someone people are always looking for — that will get you noticed by upper management.

Cultivate Relationships

Building relationships is key to getting promoted. Sharing your expertise, knowledge and personality at meetings or lunches is a great way for people to know you better and vice versa. Networking with others is a chance to promote yourself and your skills. Having people in your corner who are able to advocate for you is instrumental in helping you get promoted. The more people who know you, your strengths and value to the company, the more you’ll be remembered when conversations of opportunities arise.

Understand that no one is going to build a career ladder for you. It’s up to you to steer your career and work towards positions you want.

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