Don’t make yourself invisible to potential employers…

Although you may be dressing up as a ghost this Halloween, this doesn’t mean you have to make yourself invisible to employers…

Here at Salt, a global, award-winning Digital Recruitment Agency, we asked a few of our senior leaders, globally, to provide some top tips for ensuring your CV doesn’t go unnoticed by potential employers. Here is what they had to say:

  • No photo

No Photo – it’s not necessary and is irrelevant to the application and let’s face it – it is out of date as soon as you add it.”

Jacqui Barratt, CEO, APAC


  • Less is more

 I would refer to the oxymoron ‘less is more’.

There’s an inverse proportionality between length of the CV and the extent that a particular candidate ‘nails’ a particular skillset. The length is often also inversely proportionate to experience in that candidates with longer careers, who are more experienced (and perhaps wiser?) will often rely on less prose and be more succinct. The standard length for a well-crafted CV is in the 2 – 3 side of A4 zone – any more is simply not necessary and will likely dilute the interest of the recruiter of the potential employer.

Whilst in some cases it may not be impractical, those candidates that are able to skillfully present their experience in a compelling, comprehensive way and achieve this on 1 page of A4 will stand out. There is a real art to this, but I’ve seen it done and it tends to have a very positive impact if it’s done right.”

Sam Baxendale, Regional Director, Malaysia


  • Make it bespoke to each role

“Every CV should be a bespoke document for the specific role you are applying for. It’s vital that you know what the top 3/4 identifiers your client is looking for and highlight these at the top of your CV”

Graham Walker, Country Director, Australia


  • Length matters

I think key thing on a CV for me is length; anything more than 2 or, absolute max, 3 pages is just too long. I also think that format should be a brief overview, some clear and easy to read bullet points about your key achievements and then go into your work history. If the overview and achievements are impressive and catchy, then the rest of the CV will be looked at; if not, then it probably won’t.”

James Walsh, Regional Director, USA


  • Show quantifiable results

Make your achievements clearly visible. People often list just their responsibilities in a CV rather than achievements. Money made, audiences grown, followers acquired, percentage improvement in conversion, or whatever your role’s main goals are – make sure employers can see why you have made a difference above and beyond the other applicants.”

Chris Ward, Marketing Sales Director, UK

  • What did you achieve in your last role

My top tip is to focus on actual measurable achievements an individual has produced in your CV rather than a list of job responsibilities. Ie. What have you actually changed for your company?”

Richard Smith, Country Director UAE


Will you be making any changes to your CV now that you’ve had an insight into the minds of some of our expert recruitment senior leaders?

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Don’t make yourself invisible to potential employers...

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