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Companies are actively trying to hire more women and businesses are trying to close the gender gap. As a global recruitment agency, we are often involved in conversations surrounding inclusion, and hiring and retaining female talent. Talking to job seekers, we noticed that although more conversations are happening, there is still a disconnect. In fact, women are still underrepresented in the workplace, globally.

We conducted a survey with our global audiences to delve deeper into gender equality in the workplace. This survey was undertaken in partnership with Dr Terri Simpkin, founder of Braver, Stronger and Smarter, and principal consultant at Mischief Business Engineering. Dr Terri is currently researching the imposter phenomenon in women and frequently advises on workplace challenges.

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Who took part Respondents

51 % of women feel comfortable asking for what they’re worth compared to 74% of men

Our findings suggests that women are less comfortable with asking for rewards or pay that they believe reflects their worth to their organisation. This is consistent with research that finds women often underestimate their value in comparison to men.

Employers must take steps to better structure remuneration negotiations, bonus structures, and other benefit processes to strip out implicit bias and to encourage more transparent value determinations.

Only 62% of women feel comfortable stating their value to their employer, compared to 82% of men

Leaky Female Talent Pipeline

A raft of research has identified a ‘leaky female talent pipeline’ where women are less visible in senior roles. This in turn contributes to other structural issues such as the gender pay gap, under-representation of women in executive roles, and a diminished presence on boards.
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Only 42% of women and 52% of men agree that their organisation’s advancement processes gives them adequate support to get ahead in their career.

Offering people an opportunity to fully realise their potential is key to organisational effectiveness. This requires a well-functioning suite of practices and processes such as workforce planning, succession planning, and talent management. However, our respondents suggest that they may be under-supported to achieve advancement within the organisation.

Only 40% of both men and women feel that their skills are fully utilised

This under-utilisation of skills affects: Innovation, Productivity, Profitability and Positive Customer Experience.
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85% of both men and women will leave a role if they feel their capabilities were not recognised.

Churn, talent wastage, and disengagement are central concerns for organisations, particularly those where competition for talent is robust, such as the STEM sectors.

It’s an employee driven labour market and organisations that fail to fully engage their workforce will bear the brunt of their workforce finding opportunities elsewhere.

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As our survey demonstrates, there is still a lot of work to do in making the global workplace an equal environment for both men and women. Strong leadership is vital to ensure that there are equal opportunities and processes in place that enable employee engagement and career development.

Management and human resources alike need to ask themselves:

How much latent talent, capability and human capital is being lost due to ineffective talent management processes?

How many women, in particular, are being disadvantaged due to a lack of recognition of potential?

By doing this, it sheds light on broader questions about the embedded nature of unconscious bias that is fuelling limiting beliefs, such as the imposter phenomenon.

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Dr Terri Simpkin Dr Terri Simpkin is the founder, CEO and Principal Consultant at Mischief Business Engineering and an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham. She is an industry experienced academic with a background in leadership, strategic human resources management and general management. Her areas of expertise include emerging leadership paradigms, inclusion practices and the nature of talent challenges in industry 4.0 – the second machine age. She is currently undertaking a long-term research programme into the impostor phenomenon in women.

Mischief Business Engineering (UK and Australia) have been working with businesses, governments, industry associations and educational institutions for over fifteen years. Mischief designs and delivers bespoke consultancy and workplace programmes that create opportunities for people and organisations to be better. The flagship is Braver Stronger Smarter – an evidence-based suite of programmes aimed at leveraging diversity and inclusion practices in organisations and diminishing impostor experiences for individuals.

Terri is currently working with representatives from the digital infrastructure sector investigating the global data centre skills and labour landscape. She has experience in public, private and third sector work and brings a creative and academically grounded view of the world to projects.

To find out more about Terri’s work, visit: www.braverstrongersmarter.com

About Salt

Salt is a global, award-winning digital recruitment agency, connecting people and businesses within Creative, Marketing, Sales, and Technology. Over 250 consultants cover permanent as well as contract roles from offices in Auckland, Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, New York, Singapore, and Sydney.

At the forefront of our brand, is our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Salt has been an advocate for diversity and gender equality for years and it is part of our recruitment ethos. We see the need to foster conversations on diversity and inclusion, advise clients on how to build diverse teams and promote our own diversity agenda in the market to set a positive example.

For the past few years, Salt has been running a role model campaign, publishing monthly interviews with inspiring “Women in Tech” from companies including Uber, Depop and Mettle who talk about their challenges, and share their experiences and career advice. We also host regular events and have dedicated a section of our company blog to discussing inclusion in the workplace.

A fantastic acknowledgement was winning the Employer Award by Women in Tech, making us Recruitment Agency of the Year. As members of Diversity Works and various industry bodies (RCSA, APSCO, ASA), we ensure ongoing development and best practice across the globe.

If you want to find out more, go to www.welovesalt.com or email us on contact@welovesalt.com

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