Customer satisfaction is key to our business’ success. We strive to give all people working with Salt a good experience and equally value the relationships with our candidates and clients. Here’s what people say about working with Salt: 


Customer & Candidate Testimonials


“Salt changed my life by matching me with the right industry and an amazing company! Thank you Salt team for your amazing efforts!”

Dina Mohamed, Candidate, Dubai



“Archie has been a great point of contact for me, keeping me up to date with the correct candidates rather than bombarding me with the wrong ones. He knows his stuff and looking forward to working with him in the future.”

Mark Taylor, Client, Seven Seconds Limited, London



“Excellent consultant, willing to go the extra mile to share beyond what was required of his job scope.”

Xavier Toh, Candidate, Singapore



“Salt is an excellent agency for employees and employers alike to smooth the recruitment process especially in the fields of tech. Highly satisfied!”

Kevin Teoh, Candidate, Kuala Lumpur



“I have used Salt many times to provide a temp receptionist at Sky head office, I have never been disappointed. Claire and Holly totally understand our business and have an excellent understanding of our expectations, I am happy to say that one of our temps was offered a permanent position and has proven to be an exceptional employee. I would be more than happy to recommend Salt and the service they provide.”

Lesley Bankier, Client, Sky Television, New Zealand



“Salt was amazing to work with, they are experts in their field, incredibly responsive and highly professional. I would use them again in the future and recommend them to my friends and colleagues.”

Letitia Lauchlan, Candidate, Sydney



“Absolutely fab experience. I had some specialist requirements before accepting this role too, which Alex was beyond helpful with. Can’t recommend enough 10/10.”

Ben McGladdery, Candidate, Dubai



“Tim gets every single role I am recruiting for better than anyone else. He adjusts to my chaotic ways of working and always goes the extra mile (or 5 miles to be honest). He’s just brilliant in every aspect of what you need from a recruitment company.”

Maria Hill, Client, Cheil Europe Ltd, London



“Erica is the best recruiter I have worked with in my career. She was attentive to detail and listens to her client’s wants and needs. Salt is lucky to have such a valuable asset to the company. She knows the business and is a self-starter. Because of her I have my dream career and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Nikki Vogel, Candidate, New York



“Such a fantastic team, Gerraint was prompt and professional. I’ve also recommended my teammates who are job hunting.”

Jan Oliver Susara, Candidate, Melbourne


Feedback Process
A key part of our quality management process is Salt’s Net Promoter Score platform, which gauges feedback from clients and job seekers working with Salt. Every candidate in the process and all clients we work with will receive a survey with the simple question: Would you recommend us to a friend or family member and can then rate Salt on a scale from 1-10. We also ask some follow-up questions to understand better what we can improve, what went well and if the experience with our recruiters was satisfactory.All nine offices of Salt are using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to help us better understand how we can deliver a great customer experience to our candidates and clients. Every month, surveys are deployed, and the feedback received via our online portal is shared with the teams and enables us to respond to specific feedback based on any given particular engagement. It also provides an overall picture of service satisfaction by recruitment consultant and/or location which helps with service quality, assessing training and development needs based on observations and outcomes of the survey and allows us to celebrate our success.We highly value the feedback we receive and appreciate people taking the time to share their evaluation with us. As a result, we have found this has improved our ability to judge our customers’ perception of us and be far more responsive as a result, which has helped forge much stronger and more lasting working partnerships. It also provides us with an opportunity to reach out – our Directors and teams will follow up on all feedback received.The best moment is of course when we receive additional testimonials giving us a direct insight into the job seekers or client’s experience with our recruiters. We are pleased to be able to share this feedback in the form of testimonials from around the world with you.



“Elizabeth is amazing at what she does. She was in constant communication with me throughout the entire process. She truly believes in helping people, which was translated through her effort and attention. I would recommend her to my closest friends and colleagues.”

Jim Barry, Candidate, New York



“Chloe is absolutely great. She really understands the needs of both companies and freelancers, with regards to finding the right match. She’s knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with!”

Antony Valenti, Candidate, London



“Brian is awesome! Great to communicate with, has given me some good opportunities and he cares about my career and has my best interests at heart.”

Tamasin Day, Candidate, New Zealand



“Jo was fantastic, took the time to brief me about the role, kept in touch with me through the interview process, and guided me with feedback from the client for successive rounds. Thank you.”

Nikitha Shetty, Candidate, Melbourne



“Salt has been able to identify the right professional opportunity based on my profile and my experience. Thanks to the good coordination of the consultant, the recruitment process was fast. In my opinion, communication has been particularly well managed between Vodafone and me. I found Lauren’s approach very professional and pleasant.”

Olivier Cardon, Candidate, London



“Justin has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely courteous and highly professional. From tips to improve my resume to interview tips and practices he has given me the best experience out of all the recruiters I have dealt with, and I have dealt with many of them.”

Amr Alsharif, Candidate, Sydney



“Lex was great to work with and really helpful throughout the process. This included continuing to keep me informed and updated with regards to the position, as well as recommendations of for example best practices and interview preparation. Thanks very much!!”

Christoph Kent, Candidate, Dubai



“The Salt consultant was proactive, quick to respond and provided very useful information on the company and jobs for interview preparation.”

Alice Yip, Candidate, Hong Kong



“David is a great person, professional, easy to talk to and super helpful. David has helped me in two opportunities and all the journey has been very supportive. it was refreshing to deal with such a genuine character in the recruitment industry, few of them from my experience. I will definitely be in touch for my future career move and recommend him to my friends.”

Carolina Gutierrez, Candidate, London



“Troy was amazing to deal with. He was super quick with emails and gave me lots of feedback from my interviews.”

Corey Grigg, Candidate, Sydney



“I have had the opportunity to work with Salt on two separate projects & have had the same amazing experience two times over. James, Elizabeth & their team are so invested in learning more about not only the companies they partner with but what the hiring managers are specifically seeking in their dream candidates. Their communication is top-notch. They truly feel like a part of our internal team & want nothing but the best for everyone. I cannot recommend Salt enough.”

Emily Dyche, Client,  Xero, New York



“Bianca was incredible to work with! She was so honest, transparent and communicative throughout the process. Bianca was also very supportive before and after every interview, the roles I was presented with really fit my interests and were accurately communicated to me. I would highly recommend Bianca to anyone looking for their next step.”

Tanya Agarwal, Candidate, London



“It was awesome working with Karen throughout the whole interviewing process. She answered all of my ten million questions and she also encouraged me every step of the way to my new job. Even after I received the job offer, Karen continued to make sure that all of my next ten million questions were answered for the on-boarding process. I could not have received a better consultant, and hope that Karen will be recognized for it.”

Dennis Le, Candidate, New York



“Susan at Salt was great to deal with, friendly and down to earth and made me feel comfortable. I believe she got to know me really well and was able to portray that to potential employers. I would definitely recommend dealing with the team at Salt.”

Joanne Galbraith, Candidate, New Zealand



“Dave is the best recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he always has had time for advice, he is honest, diligent and knows a lot about the industry.”

Domenic Bartolo, Candidate, Sydney



“Mia is engaging and very caring. She acts as a very strong mediator between the hiring party and the candidate by understanding the needs and of each party and she constantly communicates with both parties to keep the alignment as well as managing the expectations. She is one of the best recruitment experts that I have worked within UAE in the last 13 years.”

Rachel Alidoosti, Client, Deliveroo, Dubai



“Karen from Salt contacted me for a job interview. She presented the job description and details perfectly. I had multiple rounds of interviews with the company she was recruiting me for. All the while she kept me updated via email and phone. It was the best experience I had and landed a very nice job.”

Bejoy Pillai, Candidate, New York



“Raymond is a great and professional consultant who gives effective services and matched me with the perfect job!”

Cloud Chiu, Candidate, Hong Kong



“Geraint is the best recruiter I have worked with. He consistently paired me with desirable positions that were highly relevant to my skill set. He was very supportive and communicative with me during the interview and contract offer processes.”

Morgaine Timms, Candidate, Melbourne



“My dealings with Natasha were smooth and she is very professional. Natasha strives to get the best outcome for each party. I would strongly recommend her for your recruitment needs.”

Jim Vrckovski, Candidate, Sydney



“I enjoyed working with the Salt team. They really listened to me when I explained the type of job I wanted and presented me with great opportunities. They can make a long and involved application process quite easy and streamlined, keeping you informed and comfortable along the way. I truly think they have the candidate‚ he has my best interests at heart and works hard to find you the right position. I will definitely reach out to them again when I am back on the job market.”

Anne Borremans, Candidate, New York


“Hayley is an experienced HR professional who brings integrity, empathy, and trust when dealing with job seekers. She guided and advised me through every step of the way while keeping my best interests at the core of all her initiatives.”

Kashif Bhaor, Candidate, Dubai



“Ruby was very attentive and really listened to my career aspirations before suggesting a role. She is efficient and provided a very pleasant experience throughout what can be a stressful career shift situation. I would be happy to go through Ruby again for future career advancements.”

Fara Joifin, Candidate, Kuala Lumpur



“Raymond is a very proactive and responsive recruiter. He has the capability to maintain a good relationship with his clients on both sides over the years and provide professional service.”

Ying Zhang Cheung, Candidate, Hong Kong



“Elton is professional yet is a warm and open consultant to communicate with. He keeps me updated on the progress of an opportunity from start to finish, and keeps me updated regardless of the outcome. I like his feedback because it helps me improve. Most importantly, he has an eye for roles that fits my strength.”

Effendi Baba, Candidate, Singapore



“Salt was extremely knowledgeable about my industry and had extensive relationships with potential employers. They also provided excellent insights and advice which was invaluable in helping me progress my career.”

James Cutts, Candidate, Kuala Lumpur



“In any new search, it is imperative to have someone in your corner. With Salt and Gareth, specifically, I was never in the dark or left wondering what the next step might be. I appreciate the personal touch as well as the attention to professional items. Clear communication, sincere care, and proactive guidance are the ways I would describe my experience. This has been a great partnership and has moved the bar for me on what I should expect from Executive Recruiters.”

Richard Baker, Candidate, London



“Lynn is not the average recruiter. Her dedication to making sure that everything goes well during all steps of the process. She communicates often with the parties involved, provides relevant information, and make sure every step of the process is smooth and efficient. Highly recommended for all job seekers!”

Wei Khoon Shoo, Candidate, Kuala Lumpur



“The Recruiter Sabrina, based in Kuala Lumpur was extremely helpful. She remembered me after 6 months we’ve talked and recommended me for another opening which fits better with my skills. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Keep doing a great job guys, you will change the way people see the recruitment field. Thank you.”

Igor Ferreira, Candidate, Kuala Lumpur



“I’ve had a wonderful experience with Salt. Although I was already working part-time, the consultants constantly kept me updated with possible roles, and they seemed interested in how these jobs went. A very friendly team that I will certainly contact if I am in need of any more work.”

Jeremy Collins, Candidate, New Zealand



“Ruby was very attentive and listened closely to what I had to say. She wasn’t pushy and was very upfront about what I should and should not expect. I’ve had recruiters from other companies try to hard-sell a job to me without understanding the role clearly, but Ruby was exactly the opposite. Great work Ruby!”

Fadilah Sapuan, Candidate, Kuala Lumpur



“Great agency which sourced and found me a talented candidate that was chosen, hired and on-boarded in less than a week while we were in a critical position to hire as soon as possible. Mr. Will Cook pushed alongside us to bring on board a great talent within our sensitive time frame.”

Saud Alqasimi, Client, Clerk, Dubai



“The team at Salt was welcoming, supportive and positive in finding me a role. I am so happy in my new job, it was exactly what I was looking for and a perfect fit for me. Claire and Rochelle did an incredible job! Thanks, guys.”

Jessica Collins, Candidate, New Zealand



“Jim & his team are very dedicated to helping our organisation with our recruitment needs specifically in the IT division. The candidates provided and the follow-up service is really on point. I would highly recommend Salt & their team to other organisations looking out to speed up their recruitment process!”

Hong Kim Chua, Client, DIV Services Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur



“Dealt primarily with Holly Conole who was amazing and supportive throughout the entire process. Provided consistent feedback and progress on the recruitment process.”

Lesley House, Candidate, New Zealand



“Fikri is a great recruiter who was very prompt in his responses and managed to match me with opportunities very quickly. He took into account my circumstances and was extremely helpful in providing tips and feedback with potential employers!”

Andrew Lee, Candidate, Kuala Lumpur



“David is a highly professional and kind recruiter who had my best interests at heart. He was one of the few who called me in and met me face to face because usually recruiters these days deal with everything on the phone.”

Maryam Zafar, Candidate, Sydney



“The Salt team did an amazing job getting us someone exceptional for our Sr. Director of Marketing position. We loved working with their team – felt like they listened to what we needed and once we found the person we wanted to hire, they kept us in the loop on where his head was at, what we needed to offer to bring him on board and stayed very close through getting a signed offer.”

Jamie Coakley, Client,, New York



“I always enjoy working with Claire and her temp placement team. I feel the relationship is honest, transparent and always successful!”

Michelle Pou, Client, White Associates, New Zealand



“Alexandra was amazing from the moment we first got in touch. She found me the right position in the right organization, she was there for me every step throughout the recruitment process and helped immensely with insights and information. I am happy I got in touch with her and will always recommend her to friends and colleagues!”

Andreea Rizan, Candidate, Dubai



“Matt Lane worked hard to communicate with me to ensure my best interests were represented throughout the whole process. He was professional, transparent, reliable and highly personable. I’d definitely recommend others to engage his services.”

Simon Darmody, Candidate, Sydney



“Quyen is professional and on the ball. She doesn’t sugar coat her assessment and I feel her advice is relevant and on the mark. I would recommend her to my colleagues looking for career opportunities. Thank you.”

Brian Johnsen, Candidate, Singapore



“Jo is the best consultant I’ve ever worked with. She’s proactive, she gets to the point (and gets back to you) and if every consultant was like her, finding a job wouldn’t be so painful.”

Linda Wilson, Candidate, Melbourne


“I had previously struggled to get consistently good sales candidates for our team and often wasted time interviewing candidates that didn’t have relevant experience. Alex took the time to understand our business, listened to both the hard and soft skills we were looking for as well as culture fit and only sent candidates that met the relevant criteria. I highly recommend partnering with Alex and Salt for your hiring needs.”

Matt Jennison, Client, Biz Group, Dubai



“I was not being challenged at my current workplace and have been looking around. Thankfully, Cedric reached out to me with a role that was aligned with my interests. Despite being overseas, Cedric facilitated an interview with the company and have always helped me along the interview process, gathering feedback from the employer. I’m glad to have been offered a position within the company which would not be possible without Cedric.”

Ash Rhazaly, Candidate, Singapore



“Elaine Chow was extremely helpful and responsive in my application. You can tell that she has the experience and a super background in the design industry and knows all the ins and outs of the sector. In the future, either if I look for a position or when recruiting staff, she will certainly be my first choice.”

Mario Gagliardi, Candidate, Hong Kong



“Jack Barber has been a highly professional and dedicated recruiter throughout the recruitment process thus far. He has been highly motivated to provide the right candidates for the role and the brand, and has been consistent in his approach.”

Matthew Hubner, Client, Elicite, London



“Thoughtful, resourceful and energetic! The most reliable agent I have ever met!”

Hung Sing Tsu, Candidate, Hong Kong



“Jeffrey has worked hard to understand my needs and consistently provided me with strong candidates and advice to make my search more streamlined than any other recruitment agency I have worked with in NYC. He has done this by building partnerships with both his clients and his talent.”

Ray Perfetti, Client, Vernalis, New York



“Eloisa had been very helpful and has profound knowledge in matching the available opportunity with my career interests. She also fought for the best offer for me in the course of negotiation.”

Zena Li, Candidate, Hong Kong



“Cedric is a professional who values people and relationships over everything else. Because of this, he listens and has the interest of people at heart. The connections he helped bridge have given me a lot of value over time. I would strongly recommend Cedric as a consultant.”

Fabian Ng, Candidate, Singapore



“Natasha is a friendly, professional and focused recruiter. She has already found us, four fantastic candidates, we couldn’t be happier.”

Isabel Krutik, Client, Fat Zebra, Sydney


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