Don’t wait. Act!

Don’t wait. Act!

Salt’s Consultant Rich Jee from our Auckland office shares his thoughts on the importance of speed in a hiring process within the current market.

In my, albeit short, recruitment career I have heard all manner of excuses as to why my clients wait before they offer a candidate they really want, “We want to see who else there is”, “We need at least 2 other comparisons to benchmark”, and “I’ve got to get XYZ to cast an eye over them, and they don’t have time until October next year”.

This is where the consultancy part of the title ‘Recruitment Consultant’ really comes into play. In the current market, a day or a week of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ can drastically change your odds of securing that talent, and it’s all but a death sentence in my world of working with contractors.

Whilst it’s always good to have a reference point to hold a candidate against, if you’ve found your match, please, for the love of God, start the offer process, engage with them, and make them feel wanted!

You no longer have the luxury of time. ‘Thinking’ about whether you want to offer a candidate a job or not, can and will illicit uncertainty of the situation and feelings of undesirability, which could well push your perfect unicorn away from you and into the arms of another. Changing roles is a big deal for candidates, so it’s important to make the successful candidate feel accepted and part of the team.

Timing-wise, I’ve seen companies hold a decision until the next day, when a candidate seems very keen and engaged, only to find out that they’ve been called, interviewed and offered within 24 hours elsewhere — a slick, strong and decisive process in a candidate’s eyes. If someone likes you that much that they offer you that quickly, you’re bound to feel somewhat drawn to them.

I have seen more candidate ghosting, counter-offers and declined offers than ever before, and this observation is shared by my veteran recruitment colleagues too.

It’s a candidate’s market right now, and it’s not changing anytime soon. Make your decision quickly because there’s another company that will be quicker. And even when the borders reopen at the end of April and skilled migrants can finally start trickling in, there will still be candidate shortages for a long time yet. It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

So, hurry up! Tighten up the hiring process! If you find a great candidate and you’re in a large company, get the process of a GM or ‘Head Of’ sign off started as soon as possible. If you’re in a smaller company, wearing many hats, make it your priority to get the offer out sooner rather than waiting until the end of the day, once your other important tasks are completed. It’s likely securing that new hire will take some of that pressure off yourself and/or the team.

Don’t delay making that offer. Don’t push back start dates. Say “Yes” to flexible working if you’re able to. Engage and secure that talent!

Rant over. Have a great week everyone!

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