What do you get ‘claus’trophobic about in the interview experience?

Unless you are interviewing in Santa’s workshop you are unlikely to be “claus”trophobic, but when interviewing, a lot of people do get nervous. Pre-interview nerves can be inevitable as the job process at times can be long and stressful. But how you channel your nerves can make a fundamental difference. Here are some top tips from Salt, a global, award-winning Digital Recruitment Agency on how to combat some of those interview nerves.

Preparation is key!

Santa prepares for Christmas all year long to ensure safe delivery of gifts, so too is preparation is key for a successful interview. The more prepared you are the less flustered you will be during the interview giving you the chance to portray your best self.

  • Prepare answers to commonly asked questions
  • Have a selection of follow up questions you want to ask the interviewer
  • Research the company, the team, and their competitors
  • Take a notepad with your notes, and questions to refer to
  • Research your travel route and factor in any possible catastrophe/delays so you arrive on time

“Research the company and practice talking through your experience over and over again; with your partner, dog or reflection. If you understand the company and can comfortably talk through your career, skills and experience, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed.” 

– Jonathan Bennet, Capita Resourcing Director

Dress for the role

A lot of people stress over what to wear; it is your chance to show you are a good cultural fit and that you take the role seriously. In the millennial, start-up, trainers era can be hard to navigate. But it is important to show that you have made an effort. So the rule of thumb should be to always dress smart, it is better to look overdressed than underdressed.

“Greet each day at work as if you have something to prove”

– Dicky Fox (Jerry Maguire)

Remain calm and collected

Which is often easier said than done. Mind block? Forgot the question? Stay calm, most interviewers are human and understand it can be overwhelming. If you forget something pause, ask for a minute or ask for them to repeat the question. It is better to do this than freeze up or answer the question wrongly.

“Keep calm and carry on.”
The interview process can be daunting and draining but practice does make perfect and hopefully, if you bear in mind the above tips, the more interviews you go to, the easier they will be to navigate.
Good luck in your interviews and if you’re currently looking for a new role, check out the latest positions on our website here.

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What do you get 'claus'trophobic about in the interview experience?

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