Interview: Sabrina Zeddam — from Strategic Consultant to Recruitment Consultant

Interview: Sabrina Zeddam — from Strategic Consultant to Recruitment Consultant

We caught up with Sabrina Zeddam, Senior Creative Consultant from our Singapore office, to talk about creating futures and the evolution of her career from a Strategic Consultant to a Recruitment Consultant.

What did your life look like before Salt?

I was in the advertising industry, which I loved and where I learnt a lot. As a planner, I did a lot of consumer research, and that’s how I fell in love with people.

What led you to recruitment?

I didn’t know how I could transfer my skills after so many years in advertising. Then, I met Jacqui and I understood how not only recruitment but Salt are human-centered industries and brands.

You’ve lived and worked in a number of countries. How has your background shaped your role as a consultant?

I have lived in France, Spain, Malaysia, and Singapore. Adaptability is key and to adapt, you’ll need a lot of empathy as you’ll be around people who are completely different from you and you’ll have to accept these differences when living in a foreign country. As a consultant, you are required to understand both your clients’ and candidates’ needs, and your empathy should be in the middle guiding you in looking after both sides.

What attracted you to be a consultant in the Creative field?

I wanted to utilise what I know the most and evolve in what was my passion. Being in the Creative/Communications space leverages my strength, which ensures I’m relevant.

What skills in your career have helped you as a consultant?

The two skills that have helped are research and analysis. In advertising, you analyse people’s behaviours, which helps me as a consultant since it’s mostly on psychology.

What do you find fascinating about your role?

The job descriptions are all the same but people are so different and what they tell you beyond what you see in their CVs are amazing. People don’t really know how to sell themselves — their CVs are the tip of the iceberg. I am fascinated by people and their amazing stories.

How do you continue to build your expertise and stay connected?

I miss reading newspapers and magazines, but we are lucky to have lots of information at our fingertips. I read about brands naturally because I am interested in them, but I also stay super connected with the industry. I ask a lot of questions (sometimes too much) — it helps me to learn. I am also not scared to ask my candidates to guide me when I don’t know or understand something.

How do you juggle both clients’ and candidates’ expectations?

I juggle their expectations by asking them questions. Clients think that what they expect is obvious and candidates think that what you need to know is all written in their CVs. The more I know, the better I am in managing expectations.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a consultant?

Really listen to people when they speak, don’t assume, ask questions, and learn from others.

Tell us about a “standout” moment in one of your recent projects.

I hosted a regional creative webinar on “The value of Design”, which I was passionate about. My ex-colleagues in Paris were amazed at how a recruitment company could handle and drive these kinds of topics out to a wider audience.

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