Insights from Agile on the Beach New Zealand 2023

Insights from Agile on the Beach NZ

Agile is the word on many people’s lips, and globally, the hiring demand for this talent is very high. Currently, in New Zealand there are thousands of jobs citing ‘Agile’ experience as a requisite. And this isn’t only a national search, with Agile Methodologies showing up in over 5 million professional profiles on LinkedIn globally and in over 60,000 jobs posts. 

What is Agile Methodology?

In business, this is an approach that emphasises flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development. The process is based on the Agile Manifesto, which a group of software developers created in 2001 and has since continued to be adopted in various industries beyond software development.

Agile methodologies have been increasingly embraced by businesses worldwide, including in New Zealand. Its principles and practices can be applied to many businesses, and numerous New Zealand businesses reap the benefits of these approaches.

One of the critical advantages is that it allows businesses to respond quickly to changing circumstances, with agile teams typically working in a highly collaborative environment. Being agile is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced and unpredictable business environment, where companies must adapt rapidly to new technologies, market conditions, and customer needs. 

Fisher & Paykel, a global medical device and technology leader, is an excellent example of a New Zealand company successfully implementing agile methodologies. They have adopted an agile approach in their product development process, ensuring that their products meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients. They have also implemented agile practices in their manufacturing and supply chain operations. The company’s approach has helped them to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, and they have received numerous awards for their innovative products and business practices.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Getting agile on the beach

Salt had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending a very market-relevant event on the weekend of 24 – 26th March 2023, Agile on the Beach NZ in Nelson, New Zealand. It’s a hot topic for Salt and was a fantastic experience! The conference brought together some of the brightest minds in the global agile community.

This conference was unlike any other; first off, it was by the beach! It was designed for agile practitioners, project managers, team leaders, scrum masters, and anyone looking to enhance their agile skills and knowledge. 

The event offered a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from international and local experts, network with peers, and engage in interactive discussions. 

The conference was hosted at the Beachside Nelson Conference and Events Centre and was a weekend full of learning, collaboration, and fun. This year it created a space for everyone to re:frame, re:form and re:start, or in Te Reo Māori – huri i te tirohanga, whākahou, tīmata anō.

Key takeaways from Agile on the Beach

Rich Jee, Senior Consultant at Salt Auckland shared his key takeaways and insights from the day with us.

Attending the event was an excellent opportunity for the New Zealand Agile community to stay ahead of the curve, learn from the best, and network with like-minded professionals. The conference was organised by a passionate team of volunteers, Colart Miles, David Morris, and Wayne Kingi, in partnership with the Agile Alliance in New Zealand.

It was a must-attend event for anyone interested in agile methodologies and team leadership, as it was packed with informative sessions and workshops and notable keynotes from amazing agile methodology experts such as Lyssa Adkins  Clarke ChingHeidi HelfandDawie OlivierMish McCormack and Greig Rightford.

The sessions touched on everything from whether agilist’s hold the key to facilitating the discovery of answers to our global woes, understanding the mindset of the decision makers who write the cheques,  managing the ever-changing team structure effectively, and why our health is vital for productivity.

The importance of continuous improvement was a pressing theme of the conference, as agile practitioners always look for ways to improve processes and deliver better customer value. The conference emphasised the need for constant learning and experimentation to achieve this. 

Another meaningful learning outcome was the value of collaboration and communication. When we work collaboratively, we can achieve great things! Agile is about working together to achieve a common goal, which requires effective communication and collaboration. The conference highlighted different tips, tricks and strategies for improving these within teams. 

The conference also discussed the importance of adaptability and flexibility (agility, if you will). In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations need to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs, which we’ve seen recently globally, nationally, and locally. Whether adopting new technologies or adjusting our processes, we need to be agile to stay ahead of the curve. Agile Methodologies provide a framework for achieving this, and the conference offered many insights and best practices for implementation in different contexts.

Agile on the Beach was an incredibly valuable experience for anyone in the Agile community or anyone interested in different working methods. We look forward to sharing these learnings in our work and within our Salt community and having better-informed conversations with our clients.

Thank you to Agile on the Beach organisers and the team for putting together such an exceptional event and to all the attendees who made it a memorable experience.

Do you have agile skills and are looking for work? Salt can help you find your next opportunity. 

If you’re looking for a new technology role in New Zealand, or want to know more about Agile on the Beach, reach out to Rich Jee at

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Insights from Agile on the Beach NZ

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