10 Software and tech things to know this week

1.­Gartner found that consumers prefer to purchase middleware and application platforms that are open source with monthly subscriptions. Infrastructure and Middleware ­software sales­­­total £15.50 billion. That’s an eight percent increase over the past two years.­

2.­Facebook is locking down on users’ API data being given to apps. Previously, friend and family information was offered up on silver platters to developers. ­From the end of April, all this will change. Facebook has created a new login system, which is more thorough in which details are revealed. This move on Facebook’s part may reinstate public trust in the platform.­

3.­PayPal is rolling out the one-click payment method, allowing consumers to make purchases on mobiles without entering their user ID and password on merchant websites. AirBnB and other companies are already implementing it. This eradicates the conversion issues ecommerce companies have. Up to this point, more than 50 percent of retail experiences take place on mobiles but less than 15 percent of the purchases are made on mobile. This PayPal development should address this problem.

4.­Periscope had one million sign-ups within the first ten days. This flings its popularity to number 22 on the US social media chart. This marks the battle between Meerkat and Periscope for the top position in live streaming. Who will win? Your guess is as good as mine.

­5.­Twitter acquired TellApart to enable purchasing directly through twitter ads to increase ad revenue. With over 300 million users, many of whom are influential, it could become the massive player in ecommerce. The only drawback is the limited data and analytics it offers in a time when the potential of ­data ­­­is coming into realization.­ But they are working on this as you read.

­6.­No more recycling your mum’s name for online passwords.­Google now has a security extension to prevent users from reusing passwords for various accounts. Google Chromes Password Alert extension mainly serves to merely warn and remind people of phishing attacks.

­7.­Uber is planning to become the face of merchant platforms by providing a service to ­high-end online retailers­ who will require same-day delivery. Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s and Nieman Marcus and Hugo Boss are all discussing this opportunity with strong hopes as pilot testing occurs with a US based shopping­app. Uber has also been in partnership discussions to provide logistical support for the restaurant and fresh produce suppliers. In a sense, Uber could soon deliver a Hugo Boss suit in the boot, takeaways in the front seat and your aunt in the back seat.­

8.­The best news since the invention of smart­phones, Prince of Persia, Lemmings, Sims and PAC Man (the MS-DOS classics) are embedded in the archives of Twitter for us to play. A tribute to Moores’ law of exponential tech growth, what fitted on disks now exists in a single tweet.

­9.­Developers­­­­ can get excited as Microsoft announced app production for phones running Windows 10 will be made easier. They can copy the java and­ C++ codes. They will also be able to bring their desktop apps to this platform. This is done to combat the app shortage on its Windows phones.

­10.­Audi has done it again, after the R8 V10 they invented something even better…Clean fuel made from water and carbon dioxide. This sustainable fuel was rated to have 70 percent energy efficiency on top of the environmental benefits. Its made in Germany by Sunfire through wind, solar and hydro-power.

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10 Software and tech things to know this week

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