5 top tips to manage work stress over the holiday season

5 top tips to manage work stress over the holiday season

After a long year at work it can be hard to switch off! Try our top tips for the holiday season to help you relax, recover and recharge for the New Year.

5 tips to help you relax during the holiday period:

  1. Turn off your tech!
    Aim to have at least one tech-free day where you don’t look at your phone to give yourself a chance to fully switch off from work or job-searching.
  2. Write a work to-do list!
    Leave yourself a note or to-do list on your last day of work. This way you can easily pick things back up when you’re back, and you can put them out of your mind while you’re off!
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others!
    Try to not compare what you’ve achieved yourself this year to other people’s years. We’re all different, so we have different challenges and different successes to celebrate!
  4. Celebrate your successes!
    Take some time to reflect and be proud of how far you’ve come (even if you don’t feel like you have achieved anything, we bet there’s a lot to be proud about!)
  5. Reflect and recharge!
    Use the downtime to think carefully about what you want next year to look like. Don’t worry – we’re not talking resolutions! Write down anything you’d want to change, and you can make a plan to action when you’re back from the break.

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