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7 key things to consider to be a better ally online and off

Allyship is easier than ever before with social media – but it’s important to reflect on what’s helpful, and your own role. Here are some ways you can be a better ally.


Mind the career gap: how to tell your story in an interview

Gaps on your CV are understandable, and are more and more common in a post-pandemic, global workplace. Here’s how we’d approach it in an interview.


9 top tips to get your LinkedIn profile noticed

Whether you’re setting up your LinkedIn profile for the first time, or updating it as part of your job hunt, our top tips will help you stand out to Recruiters and Hiring Managers!


The betrayal of body language – A non-verbal affair

Post by Ruby Celine, Country Director, Malaysia A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about the importance of crafting a strong personal brand (Personal branding: What’s your story?). Being able to articulate what makes us unique puts us in better control of our career and the opportunities we want to attract. But the…


10 Job hunting tips, straight from the person looking at your CV

As a recruiter, I deal with individuals who are looking for jobs daily. I thoroughly enjoy finding the best talents for my clients, but I’m often surprised at the lack of preparation on a CV, LinkedIn profile, or introduction email. Making a good first impression with your CV is imperative in your job hunt, as…


Part 2: Are you comfortable with being open?

Blog post by Ruby Celine, Country Director, Malaysia I’m back! Thanks for staying tuned. If you’ve been following our Salt blog, then you would have come across the first part of my ‘honesty mini-series’ last week where we discussed what the candidate-recruiter relationship should look like. In case you missed it –> Part 1: Do…


Success beyond the dollar value

Blog post by Ruby Celine, Country Director, Malaysia What does success mean to you? I put this question out to a bunch of people at random last week. I was curious to hear what they’d say and though I had a hint of what they might, their responses took me on a journey. It got…


Recruitment – A rookie’s perspective

Blog post by Ruby Celine, Country Director, Malaysia A recruiter’s work is never done. Someone once said this to me but I don’t think I truly understood the extent of what she meant – until I became a recruiter myself. You might share the same sentiment even if you’re not in the recruitment business. Descriptions…


On the fence of indecision?

Blog post by Ruby Celine, Country Director, Malaysia I’d like to start with one of my favourite paraprosdokians: “I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not so sure.” Hold up, a parapros-what now? It was absolutely adorable when I mentioned it to my sister the other day and she responded: Is that a type of dinosaur? …


Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other…

Post by Salt’s Emma Lowman, Practice Manager, London A few weeks ago, I sat down with my Director for my weekly 1-2-1. We discussed my pipeline, clients I’m working with, clients I want to be working with, personal goals, what I’m working towards and how I’m going to get there. Moving into Q4 gives you…


10 tips to transform your morning routine

By introducing a morning routine, you can boost happiness, increase productivity, reduce stress levels and start the day on the ‘right foot’. A morning routine also allows you to start your morning with intention, rather than letting the day run away from you. You control the day; the day doesn’t control you. This positive feeling…


Check me out? Why the reference is worth it…

Blog post by Jacqui Barratt, APAC CEO After 25 years in recruitment and as a business owner I certainly understand the value of a reference both for the client and the candidate.  However, this blog is for you the candidate and why the reference is worth it! Let’s face it regardless of your approach to…


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