The Secret to Career Enlightenment

There are a­few ways to re-charge your career.

1. Swap your credit card for a student card, and gain new qualifications.

2. Change career, easier said than done. You already built your success on what you know.

3. Find a career coach otherwise, known as an aggregator of all career content ­ online.

4. Move to a new company, but stats show that job satisfaction lies in soft factors in the workplace and in our lifestyle.

5. Build upon your success and embrace the cultural journey temporarily.

Option FIVE is definitely the secret to career success. I moved to three different countries in three years. Hence, retirement seems too boring to even contemplate, and work breathes life into other aspects of my life.

You have the power to turn a role with a standard set of practices into an adventure. Working internationally will always enable up-skilling, whether it’s in terms of secondary skills, soft skills or technical abilities. Responsibilities differ depending on which organisation you work at, but responsibilities/ challenges broaden the moment you step onto foreign soil.

Trade in your Oyster card or car keys for an eternal happiness and a healthy commuting lifestyle. Working abroad can lengthen your summer, enable a brisk walk to work and offer you insight into new and intriguing practices in your industry. Career accomplishments typically snowball from happiness.

Working as a developer in Frankfurt for six months, won’t necessarily make you fluent in the sprache! But your imperfect knowledge will allow you to pursue work, as an English speaker for a reputable German company, once you return to the UK.

A senior sales manager in Dubai could return with career lottery ticket, AKA cultural understanding. This is particularly applicable in forming business partnerships.

The British Council recently reported, that 75 percent of the UK population couldn’t speak any of top ten languages needed for various business sectors. This illustrates the scalability of the strategic advantage gained by working abroad.

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The Secret to Career Enlightenment

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