Is sunshine a social media scorcher for your B2B company…It doesn’t have to be!

Social media usage on digital platforms like PCs may dwindle when the sun is out but this is no time to relax our marketing efforts. While people are spending more time barbecuing, socialising and baking their bun/ms in the sun; they certainly don’t stop using ­­social media, they simply switch to ­­mobile­­ devices. So what now? You ask.

Recently in the UK, it was found that mobile internet searching overtook PC internet usage for the first time anyway. Consider this summer a friendly reminder to align your marketing efforts with your target market’s habits. Social media content should become more concise, visual and optimised for mobile devices.

While people are slightly less miserable, harness this opportunity to entice engagement and actually put the SOCIAL in social media by partnering up your marketing campaigns with face to face strategies. Summer presents great opportunity to draw your epic brand out of the digital landscape into the physical world!

Consider location based marketing your best friend this summer as people are on the move, you can target them and allow them to discover new and exciting opportunities. Customers and business clients who are in great spirits are also far more likely to try something new.

While many people are starting to book holidays off, remember that offices aren’t evacuated. Those gatekeepers to key decision makers are on leave at this point, giving you direct opportunity for collaboration.

­It’s easy to forget but neuroscientists have proven that emotions have a far stronger impact on buying decisions than logic, personal benefits outweigh business value most of time. So if business collaboration involves weekly meetings in the sun, so be it.­ ­If you have a phenomenal veranda or glorious weather outside your office, you should capture it on social media to attract potential clients to guilt free experiences during business hours, otherwise known as business meetings. B2B clients are also more willing to pay more for offerings appealing to their personal interest.­ So present enjoyable summer corporate experiences with your business solution, and you have a winner!

Remember brands are built upon the relaxation of your competitors!

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Is sunshine a social media scorcher for your B2B company…It doesn’t have to be!

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