Why you should hire an HR specialist, and how to go about it

Why you should hire an HR specialist, and how to go about it

As a business owner, it’s easy to imagine that the success of your business relies entirely upon your innovation in developing or facilitating your product or service. In part, it does. You’ve done something great that you believe in. However, to a large degree, your offering’s success relies on those who create it, enact it, or facilitate its service delivery to your target audience. 

People don’t buy things from an algorithm or a machine; people buy things because they’re made by other people, because of the influence of other people, or because other people endorse them. That’s why, with the help of a digital recruitment agency like Salt, you should hire a qualified HR specialist.  

What is a human resources specialist?

An HR specialist is an employee within your company that handles the human aspect of your workforce. They manage who and how you hire, who and how you fire, and the needs of the personnel currently under your employ.

But the right HR team is so much more than that.

An essential role of HR is to be the point of correspondence between you, as an employer, and your crew. Your HR specialist will help you create the best conditions and offers that you may need to attract new employees who are perfect for your business. They will also help keep your current employees well looked after in the workplace, help you offer competitive salaries, and help you follow the correct legal and ethical procedures if one of your employees is no longer benefiting your organisation. 

The importance of HR

1. Risk management

Workplace safety and risk management present a massive potential liability to you as an employer, and an HR specialist will help you manage those potential risks. Countries like South Africa and the USA have occupational legislation authorities like the NIOH and OSHA, respectively, and all of the nations in MENA have their own specific national safety authorities. Each of these organisations enforces varied and complex regulations to ensure the safety of workers in their regions, and these are being consistently updated to reflect the conditions that you are responsible for providing to your employees. However, the one thing that all of these governing bodies have in common is the heavy fiscal penalties that employers are liable for if their regulations aren’t met. So an essential role of HR is to keep you up-to-date on your industry’s risk management legislation and to keep you, and your best workplace practices, safe from fiscal liability. 

Your risk as a business owner is largely mitigated by hiring an HR specialist or HR team. In addition, your process of drafting and adhering to contracts will be overseen by someone with up-to-date knowledge of the legality and nuances of writing and enforcing employment contracts concerning workplace safety management. 

2. Hiring and firing processes

One of the most important aspects of keeping your business running is assuring the continued output of your businesses’ personnel. A significant aspect of doing that is hiring the right people for your business. The right HR team or HR specialist will work with your hiring team to ensure that you’re making decisions according to your workplace’s hiring needs. They will provide a wide range of recruitment strategies, screen the resumes that you receive, and schedule interviews with which you can process new applicants. They will also sit in on your interviews with new candidates and help you to create contracts with your candidates that benefit your working relationship in equal measure. To attract suitable candidates, a human resources specialist can help to keep your offered salaries in line with current market trends, too. 

Unfortunately, letting go of employees who don’t benefit your organisation can be a complicated process. An essential role of HR is handling the disciplinary procedures of employees who are under-delivering so that you don’t have to run the complex process of legal dismissal all by yourself. An HR specialist is your workplace expert on due process, and they will help you observe the legislative guidelines for dealing with an employee dispute. There are tens of thousands of “wrongful termination” lawsuits opened up against employers yearly, and an HR specialist is your primary legislative barrier against fiscal loss caused by not observing the minutiae of your regionally-dictated due process for dismissal. 

3. Employee satisfaction

Morale, productivity, and performance levels can be directly attributed to the employee-employer relationships established in a workplace. The importance of HR lies in establishing positivity in those relationships. By providing a direct channel of communication between you and even your most base-level employees, your HR specialist will ensure that your team feels heard. They will actively seek employee input, conduct employee surveys, and conduct workplace focus groups on your behalf. The right HR hire will relay that data to you, with solutions on how to implement workplace changes. 

Employee satisfaction can also come from training and development. Feeling equipped with the information to perform specific tasks makes team members feel fulfilled and capable, and therefore more willing to complete them. Of course, your new employees’ skill training will come from within your company. Here, the orientation and workplace training that will help your employees integrate into your workplace will come from the training provided by your HR team. 

4. Workplace conflict resolution

As well as minimising your liability for your workers’ exposure to occupational hazards, specialist HR hiring will reduce your liability for worker risk in interpersonal situations. Worker confrontations or instances of discomfort that could otherwise spiral out of control will become the responsibility of an HR department that will handle them ethically, fairly, and in line with the social workplace legislation specific to your region. 

How to hire an HR specialist: 

If you’re looking to hire an HR specialist, you could ask your peers, do local search-engine scours, or hire a tried and trusted digital recruitment agency. If you ask your peers, you’re unlikely to get to a wide selection of immediate, easy to contact specialists. Likewise, if you use a search engine, you probably won’t get a list of fully qualified professionals. If you fill out your needs on Salt, however, you will be presented with a list of curated, qualified HR specialists suited to the needs of your business. 

Work with Salt today to find an HR specialist who will make managing the people easy, so you can focus on doing what you love. 

Salt is a leading digital recruitment agency with offices in Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Auckland, Austin, Brussels, Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, New York, Singapore, and Sydney.

We specialise in placing candidates in Consulting, Creative, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Technology roles across the digital industry. Salt can help you find the right person for the job. If you’re interested in hearing about how select your location below:

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